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Super Shopper Grocery Hour



  • 1 hour
  • Your Choice of Grocery Store




Make knowledgable, health conscious food purchases with this personalized guided tour.

Take me grocery shopping with you! I have been asked what my favourite store is to which I have answered the grocery store! Those aisles upon aisles of bright colourful packaging and yummy treats, the allure of concocting the perfect recipe for whatever you're craving. Well yes, it can be all that, but that packaging is oftentimes quite deceptive. And that delicious meal you are envisioning,  you want to feel satisfied and energized after and you wouldn't want it packed with nasty hidden ingredients. As your personal nutritionist I’m here to help! I will consider your specific choices and help you pick out the best products for your health, keeping in mind your specific goals.

Included are some guidelines to help you be the most knowledgeable and conscientious shopper yet!

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